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Standard Size 600mm*600mm, 600mm*1200mm, 600mm*1800mm,600mm*2400mm
Thickness 100mm
Series Acoustic diffuser
Material Solid wood
Brand Soundwin
Code National Standard
Model SW-DF04
Finish Natural Varnished or Colored paint

Acoustic diffusion products are excellent solution for treating distortion such as comb filtering and flutter echo in musical detail, vocal clarity and response cancellations.

SW DIFFUSER is made of eco friendly solid wood materials with diversity designs provides you good diffusion performance with beautiful and stereo visual effect.


Item: SW-DF04

Standard Size :
600mm*600mm, 600mm*1200mm, 600mm*1800mm,
Thickness: 100mm

Material: Solid wood

Finish:Natural Varnished or Colored paint