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Standard Size single door: 900mm*2100mm ; double door: 1500mm*2100mm
Thickness 70mm
Series Soundproof Series
Material Steel, soundproof materials
Color Pure color or wood grain
Brand Soundwin
Code National Standard
Model SW-SD002
Finish Painted
Fire rating National standard: Grade A

SW SOUNDPROOF DOOR is a kind of highly sound insulated door, which is made of   galvanized steel plate with special soundproof materials filled inside, to block sound transmission between inside and outside.  

It is popular applied for KTV, night club, home theater, cinema, machine rooms or other venues that needs to block the sound.


Standard Size ofsingle door: 900mm*2100mm

Standard Size of double door: 1500mm*2100mm

Customized size available

Thickness: 70mm




* Fully factory assembly and functional testing

* One sheet integrated steel plates finish

* Multiple stages of sealing rubbers

* Eco friendly paints to the finish, pure color and HD wood grain color choices

* Excellent sound insulation performance with special materials



*night club

*Recording Studios


*Concert Halls

*Control Rooms

*Convention Centers

*Conference Rooms

*Vibration Test Labs

*Music Classroom

*Mechanical Equipment Rooms

*Secure Areas

Soundproof performance:

Frequency (HZ)
125250500100020004000Rw(C;Ctr)Size and construction

Sound reduction  


32.8040.3040.8040.1038.3042.5041(-1; -2)2100mm*900mm single door, installed as per construction code
(2100mm*900mm )

Scene display: