Thickness 100mm/120mm/130mm
Series Soundproof Series
Material Aluminiun structure, soundproof materials, wooden panels
Color wooden colors, fabric colors, leather colors
Brand Soundwin
Code National Standard
Model SW100
Finish Melamine /High pressure laminate /Veneer /Fabric




SW movable partition is a movable partition wall product used to divide space. The product is composed of multiple movable soundproof wall panels. The partition wall can be moved flexibly through the guide rails and hanging wheels installed on the ceiling, by splicing or separation of the panels, it is easy to achieve the effect of flexible use of space.

SW movable partition are widely used in hotel banquet halls, auditoriums, conference rooms, training rooms, offices, exhibition centers and other places.

Our company provides integrated services for the design, production, sales and installation of movable partitions. The products include SW65, SW80, SW85, SW100 and ultra-high models, with a variety of finishes, and can provide customized products design and production service.

The sound insulation effect of the product is suitable for the needs of different places, and the sound insulation volume can reach 35DB to 50DB.


SW 100 type movable partition

* Two types: single-wheel movable partitions that can turn 360 degrees in all directions and single-directional double-wheels movable partitions.

* Use 100mm thick 6063-T6 aluminum alloy frame material as the main structure of the product.

* The top adopts 80-type guide rail and hanging wheel, which can flexibly divide the space in all directions and multiple angles.

* Applicable height: 4m-6m

* Maximum load-bearing of guide rail: 650kg/m

* Sound insulation coefficient: 45-55dB



* Melamine


* Veneer

* Fabric hard panel

* Fabric soft panel

* Leather hard panel

* Leather soft panel

SW Movable partition structure:


Detailed Structure:


SW Movable partition Sealing System:

1. Concave/convex border sealing devices are on the left and right sides of each movable partition, to ensure the complete alignment between panels and avoid sound leak.

2. Magnetic strips   are used on two sides of panels, which can attract each other well and achieve the best sealing effect at the joint of two movable partitions.

3. Through specialized technology,   PVC rubbers are used to fill all the gaps,   which can make the upper and bottom mechanical seal stretching freely with good seal and can avoid the sound penetration.

SW Movable partition stocking types: